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Copper Queens Anthem

Top Zambian female artists Wezi , Xaven & Towela Collab in Copper Queens Anthem.

Recently, three talented Zambian female artists professionally known as- Wezi, Xaven, and Towela – collaborated on a song called “Copper Queens Anthem,” which is an ode to women’s soccer. The song celebrates the strength, skill, and hard work of female athletes and champions gender equality in sports. It highlights the struggles and triumphs of women in sports and encourages young girls to pursue their passions. With this inspirational track, these artists have sparked a conversation about women’s athletics and have inspired people to support and appreciate the incredible female soccer players who represent their countries on the field. 

Women’s soccer is often underestimated and underappreciated, but the truth is that these athletes are incredibly strong and deserve our respect. They push themselves to the limit physically and mentally, constantly striving to improve their skills and compete at the highest level. Women’s soccer also plays an important role in promoting gender equality and breaking down stereotypes. By giving women a platform to excel on the field, we are inspiring future generations of girls to pursue their passions and defy expectations. Let’s celebrate the power and importance of women’s soccer.


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